Dermatology is an independent clinical secondary discipline established on the basis of cognitive features. With the emergence of digital technology, remote transmission technology and internet technology, dermatology has become the easiest discipline to integrate with these technologies and establish clinical application scenarios.

At present, the development of skin imaging technology (dermoscopy, reflectance confocal microscopy, etc.), teledermatology and artificial intelligence has profoundly and comprehensively changed the characteristics, service model and public influence of dermatology.

However, geographical and inter-hospital differences exist in skin imaging technology level, mainly due to different levels of accessibility of skin imaging devices and the dermatologists’ skills in operating them. For example, dermoscopy is commonly owned by dermatologists in high-income countries, while not so much in the low and middle ones - in China, for example, only about a quarter of dermatologists have access to it, many of which are not yet able to use it properly. Such differences also exist in different regions and hospitals within one country. The accessibility of skin imaging devices to dermatologists and their skills in operating them need to be improved.

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