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Cardiology is an important muscular organ in humans and other animals, pumps blood through the vessels of the circulatory system. In medicine, a case report is a detailed report of symptoms, diagnosis, treatment and follow-up of an individual patient. Heart case report may contain a demographic profile of patient but usually describe an unusual or novel occurrence. Different case report can be done such as case reports on cardiac arrest and diseases have a great value and help in advancing and development of treatment strategies. In this way case expounds on cardiovascular issue and diseases have a phenomenal regard and help in advancing and progression of strategies. This Cardiology assembling or rather all cardiology gatherings, cardiology events, cardiologist social affairs will help in frameworks organization, B2B is uniting amidst specialists and academicians. We have dealt with various compelling cardiology events and cardiology gatherings and fabricate incredible relations bringing the researchers and associations together. Cardiology conferences, cardiologist get-togethers and cardiology events are basic for the fundamental individual.

About Hypertension, also known as high blood pressure or arterial hypertension is a chronic medical condition in which the blood pressure in the arteries is elevated.  There are two primary hypertension types. For 95% of people with high blood pressure, the cause of their hypertension is unknown; this is called essential, or primary, hypertension. When a cause can be found, the condition is called secondary. Isolated systolic hypertension, malignant hypertension, and resistant hypertension are all recognized hypertension types with specific diagnostic criteria. Hypertension is a major risk factor for heart disease and stroke. When heart beats, it pushes blood through arteries to the rest of body. When the blood pushes harder against the walls of arteries, blood pressure goes up. Blood pressure may be different at different times of the day. It is usually higher when first wake up, after exercise, or when are under stress.

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