Novel Vaccine Technologies in Animal Health



Veterinary Science has been in the forefront of vaccine research and innovation since the time of Louis Pasteur, who developed a number of vaccines for veterinary use, including the first vaccines against chicken cholera, swine erysipelas and rabies. Today, Veterinary Science is innovating with novel technologies to improve vaccine efficacy, reduce vaccination costs, identify and remove infected animals and eradicate diseases important both for Animal and Public Health.

A plethora of innovative vaccine technologies, are either already available in animal health or will become available in the near future. Viral vector vaccines are used in poultry, food animals, horses and wildlife for more than a decade. RNA vaccines are being registered for use in swine, while a DNA vaccine, is available to treat melanoma in dogs. Anti-protozoal vaccines against canine leishmaniosis, have been used in the field for years and have contributed to reduction of disease occurrence both in dogs and in humans.

Research laboratories in Europe and the US are currently exploiting novel vaccination approaches for animal health. In this Research Topic of Frontiers in Veterinary Science we will publish review and research articles, presenting these technologies. We encourage research leaders and innovators in academia and the industry, especially those working with food animal diseases, where several such technologies are currently being developed, to contribute to this special issue.

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